Fast Forex Millions

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Fast Forex Millions is an advisor, even before the release for sale, which caused a lot of excitement. A new product from the producer of such hits as Forex Growth Bot and Million Dollar Pips . Does Fast Forex Millions justify its expectations?!

Characteristics of the Fast Forex Millions Expert  Advisor:

  • Platform: MT 4
  • Version of EA: 2.1
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Hours: Round the clock
First of all, I would like to note that William Morrison, the man who sells this robot, took as a basis the WinnerH4 adviser who has been walking around the network for a while, corrected it a little and called it Fast Forex Millions. And now he sells on his website for $247. Here it is, a simple and safe way to earn money on Forex! Imagine, 100 happy Americans, remembering William on the previous good robots, are charging $ 250 from their wallets. A total of $ 25,000 of easy money goes to Comrade Morrison in a bottomless pocket. But he did not even come up with this advisor … Oh well, let’s leave our hero’s conscience quietly snuffing off the wall, and try to figure out how fast we can make millions with Fast Forex Millions.

Fast Forex Millions

  • Market Execution is an analog of the ECN parameter
  • Reverse Exit: when this parameter is enabled, the robot will close existing positions if there is an opposite signal
  • DualMode: on / off hedging (2 opposite orders at the same time)
  • FilterDepth: setting the filter sensitivity of the robot to market situation. If this parameter is increased, there will be fewer positions, but rather inputs. With a decrease, the adviser will trade more often, but less steadily
  • Risk Percent is the percentage of the free margin that an advisor will risk in each transaction. Mani management is activated if the parameter Fixed Lot = 0
  • FixedLot: a fixed trading lot. If it is 0, automatic manipulation is used, based on the value of the RiskPercent parameter
  • Magic Number is a parameter necessary for an advisor to distinguish between open positions from positions opened by other advisors or manually
  • Slippage: allow slippage (in points)
  • PerATR is the period of the ATR indicator for use in a dynamic trailing stop
  • KofATR is the multiplier factor of the ATR for the trailing stop
  • Ktp: the parameter refers to the dynamic take-profit factor
  • OrderComment: comment to the orders opened by the expert
At the moment, we have too little information about how the expert work and put it on the real I will not yet – I will observe a couple of weeks of work on the demo account. But in the future, it is very interesting to trade this robot on a pair of EURUSD, if it gets into RoboTest , it will be used only on eurodollar.

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