Expert Advisor Excalibur

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Hello, dear Forex Free EA´S Traders. We present to your attention the  Forex Advisor Excalibur .

Expert Advisor Features:

  • Platform: MT4
  • Expert Version: 1.2
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Working time: round the clock

How to Instal it:

As usual we are going to set the EA . If you first encounter robots in Forex and you have a lot of questions – download and watch the Forex course on Autopilot . In this advisor, settings for each pair are already written in the code itself, so just open the required pairs on the desired timeframe and attach the appropriate advisor to each chart (the pair is listed in the title).

EA Strategy:

The trading strategy uses rollbacks from the main trend signals of the indicators. In the case of trends, there are always kickbacks caused by the need to consolidate funds in the market before continuing the trend movement, and it is precisely these situations that the adviser trades.

Settings descriptions:

  1. Magic: For different pairs, the magicians must be different

  2. EA_Comment: on the orders placed

  3. MaxSpread: the maximum allowable spread, under which orders will be placed

  4. Slippage: the maximum allowable slippage, at which orders will be placed

  5. MM: section of parameters that determine the size of the trading lot

  6. FixedLots: sets a fixed lot for trading.

  7. AutoMM: sets the maximum allowed lot for trading as a percentage of the deposit

  8. AutoMM _Max: Limiter for the AutoMM parameter

  9. MaxAccountTrades: the maximum possible number of simultaneously open positions on the account

Backtests of the Expert Advisor:

Backtests are made for each pair separately. the Metatrader 4 platform does not allow carrying out multicurrency tests.Tests were made in a fixed lot. This allow you to evaluate the results of testing without taking into account mani management.

For the correct operation of the EA, the trading terminal must be switched on from the market opening on the evening of Sunday until its closing on Friday evening.
Download The EA for Free on:
 ” Excalibur “