EA Forex Setka

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EA Forex Setka

Hello to all the Forex Free EA followers… Today Meet the EA Forex Setka!

Characteristics of EA Forex Setka:

  1. Platform: MT 4
  2. Expert Version: 1.6
  3. Pairs: GBPUSD
  4. Timeframe: M1
  5. Working time: Round the clock
EA Forex Setka belongs to the category of martingale advisors (increase of the lot when leaving deals in negative). Such robots bring the greatest incomes, but at any time lead to the loss of all or most of your deposit. Our task is periodically to derive profit having reached a profitability of 100%, continue to withdraw the net earnings, without risking the initial capital, we took them out.
In general, all the basic of trading dangerous advisers are listed here in this post. Please be sure to read it carefully.

Monitoring of the Account



Analytics of the EA Forex Setka





As we see on backtesting, some years of the advisor merges, in some not. If, not an impressive monitoring of the real account I surely would not write about this robot.
Tests on history again tell us about the importance of a permanent profit-taking, because EA Forex Setka can one day lose the deposit. No one knows. But we can take these risks into account, adjust them and, having deduced 100% the initial deposit, get a risk-free profit. Very important is the appropriate size of the initial deposit.


EA Forex Setka recommended to open orders with an increased lot when leaving the first position in the negative, and the further the position goes to minus, the next orders with the increased lot are opened. So that there is no margin call and the EA was able to close the pyramid of orders, we need to have certain funds on the account, for use as collateral.

Expert Advisor Settings:

At moment when EA Setka is directly connected to the schedule, its installation does not differ from other bots. So, if you are a beginner, follow the standard instructions for installing advisors to point N 6 inclusive.
But hereinafter in the installation of this EA there are some nuances. We need to attach it to 2 different schedules (the timeframe and the pair of the charts are the same = GBPUSD M1) setting up the EA only for buy on one and only for sales on another chart. Not forgetting that the Magic Number parameter should be different. Why do we need this? It is necessary for the EA to build individual pyramids of orders for buy and sales, which will somewhat reduce the overall risk.


  • Open two graphics GBPUSD with the M1 timeframe.
  • We attach the Forex EA Setka mouse first to the first graph, the settings window will appear. 2.We are interested in the General tab. On it we set the position Only Long. Click OK. Then, we tell the EA to open only BUY on this chart.
  • Now we attach the adviser to the second schedule. On the General tab, set Only Short, so that the bot only opens Sales.
  • In the input parameters of the EA on the second graph, we need to change the Magic Number add on the number must in no case coincide with the one set on the first graph. Those if on the first chart we have in the Magic Number parameter 2024538, then for the second chart in Magic Number we put any other number. For example 2024539.
We got 2 graphics GBPUSD M1 with the same EA, but with different Magic Number (that way orders are not messed up). One schedule to BUY, one for SALE.

Description EA settings:

ShowTradeComment: on/off information on the graph about the work of the EA
Lots: the starting lot for the first order
MultiLotsFactor: multiplier for subsequent orders
StepLots: number of points that the market should move against the positions of the EA to open a warrant of the next level
TakeProfit: TP
UseTrailing: on/off trailing stop
TrailStart: minimum profit, which should remain after the tripping of the trailing stop
TrailStop: size of trail
MaxOpenOrders: maximum number of orders allowed
SafeEquityStopOut: on/off closing of all positions when the amount of funds is reached is less than the Nth level
SafeEquityRisk: percentage of funds on the account that you allow to use Forex EA Setka. The expert will close all orders if the funds on the account become less than the specified percentage. Works only when SafeEquityStopOut is enabled
Slippage: allowable slip when opening an order
MagicNumber: Unique numeric code that Forex EA Setka assigns to its positions in order not to confuse them with the orders of other advisors and manual transactions. Don´t forget that on two graphs of the same currency pair the magic num must be different
CloseAllOrders: default this function is always disabled. If it is included, the expert will simply close all of its positions that were opened earlier
FreezeAfterTP: when this feature is enabled, Forex EA Setka will stop trading after reaching the take profit positions

Let’s resume… The Expert Advisor Forex Setka  is profitable, but very risky. The most important thing when working with it is to constantly display profit and observe the recommended deposit amount!!