EA Forex Control

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EA Forex Control

Hello, my dear forex friends!! We present today the Forex EA Control.

One of the distinctive feature of the EA is the combination of Grid strategy and Martingale!!


It was long time on our site there were no advisors from the category of dangerous!! But this time turned out to be suitable for robots on martingale, miscreants and others. EA Forex Setka, Forex Earth Robot  and Survivor Expert Advisor are not bad at all. The results of trade are confirmed by independent monitoring. This time we will test the robot in several currency pairs and evaluate the results obtained.

EA Features

  • Platform: MT 4
  • Version: 1.24
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Hours: around the clock

Expert Advisor Strategy

All transaction is calculated using the built in indicators and uses market orders. The first order in the grid is set by the initial lot. In addition to market orders, the adviser uses deferred stop and limit orders. After triggering of pending orders, the following excerpts are exhibited by the increased lot so uses Martingale’s strategy. After rollback, the Expert Advisor closes the series of orders with profit. There are no built in indicators or order settings.
The Forex EA Control uses the Martingale strategy. Sooner or later there will be a major loss, so we recommend periodic withdrawal of investments, probability theory works in our favor. After the withdrawal of the initial deposit, the dangerous martingale strategy immediately becomes breakeven and highly profitable.

Backtests of Forex EA Control

Backtests are made separately. Because MT 4 platform does not allow carrying out multicurrency tests. All tests were done with a fixed lot.






Conclusion! Forex EA Control, the pairs with Japanese Yen are completely inappropriate, and the AUDUSD and EURGBP pairs are showing good results.


Broker recommended:

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With this broker customers are allow to deposit with any of the Cryptocurrency!!
Opening a Micro ECN Account you can start trading with a deposit of just $500.


EA Forex Control Settings

  • AutoLot: automatic calculation of the lot by calculating it as a % of equity. If you want to trade a fixed lot, this parameter must be False
  • Compounding: is an option that indicates a risky trading mode, the combined calculation of all orders. It is recommended that you use Compounding as False
  • MaxDrawDown: the size of the maximum drawdown for the AutoLot mode is true. For a fixed lot it’s same
  • ManualLot: fixed lot size, trade with AutoLot as false
  • Slippage: allowable slippage of orders in pip
  • CloseAll: if the value is true, then after closing current orders, the new ones will not be opened, so the EA can reopen orders, CloseAll must be set False


The results of the Forex EA Control is profitable robot with a simple settings, this expert advisor is based on the averaging strategy, and it successfully works on a real accounts of many traders, with the obligatory observance of the rules for working with dangerous advisers.