Integra NR v.2.8.5 last version. Pairs: EurUsd and GbpUsd TF: M5, M15 Copy:  iCCI.NR.mq4 in /experts/indicator Download Free:   

Integra NR v.2.8.5

Dragon Expert EA Attach on any timeframe. Conservative trade Run EA only in Sydney dan Tokyo Session. Aggresive trade, Run EA 24 hours. Withdraw Profit every day or every week. After ROI/withdraw 100%, you can compound High Risk, High Return. $2500 for correlation. GU UJ. Lot 0.01 $5000 for correlation. […]

Dragon Expert EA

Forex Flex EA Forex Flex EA is an extremely flexible(hence the name) forex robot capable of many powerful things. It comes pre-loaded with 12 unique strategies that you can switch to within the EA by just a click of the mouse. It’s basically like having 12 EAs in one! Their […]

Forex Flex EA

2000 PIPS DAILY EA hello people, I will put here a robot that already won a lot of money with him before the Greece crisis, after the market was complicated and I was afraid, I wonder if anyone could change it, I tried I could not put my idea is to put it’s an order to balance, since it works to correct. I hope someone helps.

2000 pips daily EA

Stop-Trade v1.3 EA   The good news for traders who want to be happy to offer you a new version of forex advisor Stop-Trade v1.3 from the popular development company experts to MT4 terminal – Forex – Investor. Advisor perfectly optimized for the current market, and shows the best results […]

Stop-Trade v1.3 EA

Trade NFP News Automatically. Download Free NFP WARRIOR Expert Advisor. Its Time to Catch the MEGA FISH! Setting: Default Setting Pair: EURUSD Timeframe: Any TF, does not matter


FREE Download NON_MARTINGALE Expert Advisor, Soft Scalper EA. Attach on many pairs to have more frequent trades Pairs and Preset: Use Preset Folder Available Time frame: 15 Minutes. Download Free with File: Result:

Soft Scalper

A Powerful Scalping EA based on Turbo Power that are flexible on ranging market as well as on trending market. It has profesional setting for Basket Trading, Crossing Bars, Turbo Start and management setting such as Dynamic Slippage, TradeSpace, QueryHistory, etc The EA is also powered with settable signal entry […]

Turbo Scalping EA

ForexProGainer 2.2 EA     ForexProGainer is a grid EA. Unlike many other grid EAs it enters the market if the price is in exhausted oversold or overbought level for a while and about to reverse, making the account less drawdown and more profit. If the first order reaches the […]

ForexProGainer 2.2 EA

New Hope EA Almost all forex advisors that are sold on the Internet, promising profit. How long have we heard such statements? And where are they now, these advisors forex? Only a few can make a lot of money because they are time-tested and large deposits, and most importantly have […]

New Hope EA

Cobra Adrenaline EA Advisor Cobra Adrenaline – a completely new version of the famous trading robot. According to the developers, this automated trading system is able to perform miracles. The new algorithm trading robot is able to practically independently adapt to the current situation in the commercial market. The main […]

Cobra Adrenaline EA

This “Swing Force” Indicator Identifies High-Probability Trend Continuation and Reversal Trade Setups By Combining Support/Resistance Breakout & Reliable Price Action Patterns… It’s extremely useful for locating market’s turning points… for finding new market trends… and for detecting explosive breakouts. It works equally well for swing traders, and day traders, and […]

Swing Force Indicator

3ORDERSDAY System     Inspire  Traders Our team of traders quantums, create and design the best mathematical algorithm. We work for private Investors Funds and can offer specific accounts under MAM solutions. Our philosophy is to maintain a high and constant flow of market orders, Surf mathematically trends in forex […]


FX SAFE PROFIT EA   Strategy FX Safe Profit uses a unique trading method which helps gaining income steadily and gradually. It utilizes many technical indicators into trading decision. These comprises Super Trend Detection technology accompanied with RSI, CCI, PSAR, Stochastic, and Momentum indicators. Although most of trading decisions are pretty […]


Core EA.   CoreEA – The EA incorporates advanced strategies scalper and analyzes multiple time frames and multi pairs. The EA continues to analyze the market tick by tick, and checking if the  entry option is still valid, also the management recommendation.The EA provides the probability that the price goes above or […]

Core EA

Everest EA     Everest EA – The Expert Advisor work with the Fx Majors. The Ea need good execution and low spreads. You can set options suche as auto money management. The EA performance is very high. It works on numerical indicators simultaneously and the price action. It is not aribtrage. […]


Hydrogenium Version 1.0 Hydrogenium – trade expert works on a very simple algorithm, the essence of which lies in the fact that on the charts daily scale, the currency pair EUR / USD, quite often the price moves in the direction of movement of the day. Trade is conducted only […]

Hydrogenium V 1.0

MT4 SpeedOmeter©  Product Description Indicators : 1.speedOmeter_BASIC.mq4 2.speedOmeter_PRO.mq4 3.speedOmeter_tick_chart.mq4 User Guide : speedOmeter_PRO.pdf ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

MT4 SpeedOmeter©

tradersurfing ALL FREE:  Best broker good spreads:


Currency Profit Machine  Product Description User Guide : currencyprofitmachine.pdf Indicators : 1.currencyprofitmachine.mq4 2.Advanced_ADX.ex4 3.StochHistogram.ex4 ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Currency Profit Machine

Forex Goiler V1.3 – Indicator Product Description Indicator : Forex Goiler1.3.mq4 User Guide (.txt file) ALL FREE:  Best broker good spreads:

Forex Goiler V1.3 – Indicator

Larry Williams – How to Make a Million Like Larry + EA Product Description Larry Williams – How to Make a Million Like Larry Larry Williams has been successfully trading and researching trading techniques for three decades. Despite his youthful appearance, he has survived many trading battles and, in the […]

Larry Williams – How to Make a Million Like Larry ...

Forex Grid Trader (FGT EA) ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Forex Grid Trader (FGT EA)

Bank of America EA   ALL FREE:  Best broker good spreads:

Bank of America EA

Forex Best Secret Robot Product Description Expert : 1.best_secret_eurusd.mq4 2.best_secret_gbpusd.mq4 User Guide : forex_best_secret_users_guide.pdf ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Forex Best Secret Robot

Forex Racer Product Description Indicators : 1.FR-BreakOut.mq4 2.FR-Retracement.mq4 3.FR-ReversalPoints.mq4 4.FR-Scanner.mq4 5.FR-Signals.mq4 6.FR-SupportResistance.mq4 7.FR-Trend.mq4 8.FR-TrendLines.mq4 Expert : RenkoExpertAdvisor.mq4 Template (TPL) User Guide : ForexRacerManual.pdf ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Forex Racer

Forex hacked v2.3 Product Description Full Package +Settings Preset files for GBPUSD and USDCHF ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Forex hacked v2.3

Forex Flow EA 3.4 Product Description Expert Advisor: Forex_Flow.mq4 Flow.dll NewsDayFlow_AudCad.txt NewsDayFlow_AudNzd.txt Forex Flow AudCad.set Forex Glow AudNzd.set Forex-Flow – User Guide V3.4.pdf README FIRST.txt ATTENTION: This package does NOT include any updates of the NewsDaysFlows files! ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Forex Flow EA 3.4

Trend Eater This is a Manual Trading System not Automatic Trading (Expert Advisor) Indicators: 1.Pivot Points Multitimeframe.mq4 2.ProbMeter v1.1.mq4 3.ProbMeter v1.1.mq4 Expert : StopLoss and TakeProfit Manager.ex4 Profile : Trend Eater v3 Template : trend eater v3.tpl User Guide : Trend Eater v3.0 Manual Guide.pdf ALL FREE: Best broker […]

Trend Eater

Pip Acuumulator (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Pip Acuumulator (EA)

PaintBarForex  Indicators : 1.PBF_Trend_Bars_v2.mq4 2.PBF_Squeeze.mq4 3.PBF_Scalper_Show_Me.mq4 4.PBF_PB_Direction.mq4 5.PBF_OSOB.mq4 6.PBF_iTunnel.mq4 7.PBF_Fast_3MAs.mq4 8.PBF_2EMA_Color.mq4 9.Kaufman3.mq4 Template : pbf.tpl Bonus-Free Indicators (ex4) Documents – Trading Tip Video Link-You Tube Xtreme Quick Start Guide.pdf – NOT INCLUDED ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:


MillionDolarPips 2016 (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

MillionDolarPips 2016(EA)

Ladyrobot (EA) Expert : Forex lady robot V.124 (mq4) User Guide (pdf) ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Ladyrobot (EA)

FxCashBot (EA) ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

FxCashBot (EA)

FxBlueBox (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

FxBlueBox (EA)

ForexGenetic (EA) Expert : Forex EA + Forex Advanced EA (mq4) Secret Manual System : Indicators + Template Bonus User Guides (pdf) ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

ForexGenetic (EA)

EuroKey (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

EuroKey (EA)

Click4pips (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Click4pips (EA)

Aggressive (EA) Expert : AggressiveM-Trader.mq4 Indicator : T&C Wonders.mq4 Template : Aggressive-M.tpl ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Aggressive (EA)

VIP (EA) last version   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

VIP (EA) last version

Ichimoku cloud (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Ichimoku cloud (EA)

Channel Surfer (EA)   ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Channel Surfer (EA)

Wall Street 39 (EA) Expert : WallStreetForexRobot_v3.9 (mq4) User Guide : WallStreetForexRobotUserGuide (pdf) Custom set is not inluded since input values will broadcast from web server ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Wall Street 39 (EA)

Supreme Master (EA) Experts : 1.supremebotpli.mq4 2.suprememachine1.mq4 User Guides.pdf Note from vendor: As this is a day trading Expert Advisor run at M15, there might be some days with no signals. If you want a more robust version, you can use Supreme Machine Expert, and use both versions at the […]

Supreme Master (EA)

SmartTrader (EA) DOWNLOAD FREE Expert : Smart Trader.mq4 (V07) Template : Smart Trader.tpl User Guide : SmartTradersetup.pdf ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

SmartTrader (EA)

Forex Admiral EA DOWNLOAD FREE   Product Description Expert Advisors: Forex Admiral.ex4 Forex Admiral+.mq4 Indicators: EntryExit.mq4 SHI Signal Arrow.mq4 Template: #forex illusion.tpl ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

Forex Admiral EA

3aces4fx EA   DOWNLOAD FREE ALL FREE: Best broker good spreads:

3aces4fx EA

Donchian scalper 1.0 EA DOWNLOAD FREE Product Description EA: donchian-scalper-1.0.mq4 Note: no manual. details of the EA and settings can be found here Best broker good spreads:

Donchian scalper 1.0 EA